ITENTASCHEN is a swiss brand of hand bags made out of recycled leather. Each piece is a unique product whether it is cut from a sofa, a jacket and sometimes a new skin out of left overs stocks.

ITENTASCHEN was created by Mélanie Iten, a former industrial designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. She started her own collection in 2010 after having designed for other brands specially into sports field.

The collections are all handmade by Mélanie Iten and consists of a number of series. Each serie contains a certain amount of items depending on the last collected leather. On each serie, new colors join the collection.
We produce all these different models.


All models can be ordered anytime in the colors you want : A la carte !

Each year, we create a collection of models following the season's colors. Not all models are done each year but can be ordered once they are out

The production is entirely made in Geneva in her work studio. She is part of a social project (together with the City of Geneva) that aims to reinsert young teenagers back into the working field. She gives them close lessons on bags production and sewing.

On each bag, the leather is the only recycled part. Each items of the bag (buckles, linen, zippers etc..) are stricly european and choosen in the finest high-end manufactures in Italy and France.